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7 thoughts on “Post Your Thoughts about Eric Sloane

  1. There is a wonderful script that closely follows the book and a Documentary Director attached. It’s a solid story of family and fundamental values. An epic love story could be easily overlayed.

  2. I would just like to make a comment about this Noah fellows notebook that Eric had found in the library nearby and how much it reminds me of the movie, “The Notebook” and how he also built his own house as well. Is there some kind of correlation here or just coincidence?


  3. “The Notebook” is such a beautiful love story. Thank you for the comparison.

    Although the stories are similar, it is sheer coincidence that Noah is the name of the main character in the book by Nicolas Sparks and the movie “The Notebook”, and Noah Blake, the author of the personal diary upon which Eric based his “Diary of An American Boy”.

    There is no great love story in “Diary of An American Boy” as written. If Noah Blake had deep passionate feelings for his neighbor Sarah, he failed to record them in his diary. It is implied Noah and Sarah become closer toward the last pages, but we’ll never know because the diary ends abruptly when Noah is about 15.

    About the Diary: Eric claims to have found Noah’s personal diary in a Kent, Connecticut library book sale. It’s on display at the Eric Sloane Museum in Kent. “Diary of An American Boy” is Eric’s most popular selling book.

  4. I recently purchase two bottles of “1983 Eric Sloane’s Connecticut Red”, a dry table wine bottled by Hopkins Vineyard in Warren, Connecticut. Each of the labels is hand signed with black marker by Eric Sloane.
    I’d like to know more about this Sloane item and hope that someone can offer any info.
    Many thanks.
    Robert B. Williams

  5. I was going through my grandfathers old trunk and found a framed metal engraving which is entitled “La Guardia Field New York’s Municipal Airport socked into metal by Eric Sloane”. It has a picture of the airport, a plane with 1941 on the tail, and various cartoonlike characters and some political statements. I was wondering if this is a known work that was made in mass or an original. Any insight would be welcome. I can scan it and send a picture of it to anyone interested.

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