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Dear Webmaster:

I learned of Eric Sloane's work while in college, studying art. I picked up the book about Early American tools while in the library doing research. It seems we shared a fascination with early american life and craftsmanship. His black and white line drawings, particularly, have been influential, and I've turned a few friends on to him over the past few years.

On a visit to Chicago last year, I met a friend's uncle who had known Sloane through an american tool collecting association (the uncle has a collection of antique rulers and measuring devices), and I was amazed to meet someone else who knew of his work. I think the uncle was very surprised to meet someone under 30 who appreciated american history and tools!

It took me years to realize that he had lived near my hometown in CT and that there is a museum up the road in Kent that I have never been to, dedicated to him. I can't wait to visit next time I'm in the area. I was sad to find out that there is no anthology or collection of his work, nor a biography! Maybe someday?

Thanks again for the website!

                                                                                             Laurel Coniglio, l.e.coniglio@gmail.com

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I first became acquainted with Eric Sloane when I wrote him about a "fly chaser" I had heard about from some "old timers". It was a small fan to set upright on the middle of the dinner table to keep flys off the food before the use of screen doors. He said he had no interest in such silly inventions and was only interested in wooden objects, old tools etc. We carried on some great conversations via the telephone and my wife and I visited with him in 1984 at his home in Connecticut. I remember his house that he shared with "Mimi" and I remarked the house must be very old from the appearance of the stone foundation, wooden floors etc. He said that it was around four years old and we were so surprised. He of course had it built to his specifications as an old house would have been.

We have several of his copies of paintings and a personalized calender he gave us that mean so much to our family.

Are you familiar with what the Smithsonian said when he painted the huge landscape mural and wished to put a phrase by A. Lincoln on the picture? A devoted fan of Eric.

                                                                                                          Clint Kueker, midrun1@charter.net

Webmaster: No, what did the Smithsonian say?
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I'm a fan of Eric Sloan. I'm interested in this remarkable man and his work. I just happened upon his web page and realized there are others that held him in high respect. I don't have much of his produced material, but enjoy learning from his work. I'm also having trouble with this communication however, I'm looking forward to the results of this attempt.

                                                                                                          Alan Lake, lo2al@att.net

October 25, 2012: Alan wrote back: "Thank you for your kind response to my note of July 4. Please keep me informed re Eric Sloane. He certainly was a man of insight and understanding of us as a growing nation. Are there books, articles, paintings, or other works of Mr Sloanes that are available to persons such as myself? Thanks again for including me on your website.

                                                                                  Allan Lake, lo2al@att.net

Thanks for your thoughts Allan. There is a small but highly loyal group that either knew Eric, collected his art works or are moved by his books. I am revising the site and have posted your comment on the message page. Please stay in touch.
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"PENNSYLVANIA BARN JOINERY " Look at this beautifully crafted and engineered joint!

                                                                                              John Sohn, dsohn2009@hotmail.com

Webmaster: I'll bet the wedge in the middle is to adjust for wood shinkage over time.
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Dear Sloane Friends.

These photos were submitted quite a while ago and the notes that went with them have been lost. A very senior Eric is shown standing in front of one of his signature style old barns. Thoughts and details appreciated.

WINTER   Eric Sloane cc ???